Small plate on the outside mirror

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Small plate on the outside mirror

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Hello guys

I'm trying to replace the mirrors on my 945 GLE model year 1991 with mirrors that are sprayed in the color of the car. But I can't seem to remember how to get the small plastic part out on the underside of the mirror. It looks like the non-sprayed do not have a small ridge, while the sprayed ones do. It's the small plastic thingy that you need to remove to get the cable out. How do I get the small plastic thingy out, with damaging anything?



PS it looks like the thing called "clip" in the picture below.

945 GLE model year 1991 B234F

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Re: Small plate on the outside mirror

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Hi Mathy

I did this a some years ago on my 740 and if i remember i used a smal putty knife to get it out.

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